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American Faces # 26

One can often find Patty Voje painting a variety of subjects when she is not leading a team of creatives at Spot. Patty is a woman with a great vigor for life and the willing subject for #26 of my American Faces series. During the day, Patty can be found at the helm, as the owner of Spot, a creative shop & digital advertising agency in St. Paul, MN. In her free time, she is a wonderfully, talented painter in the alla prima style, a style in which oil paint is applied in layers while the paint is still wet. The strokes from her brushes bring to life country landscapes and cityscapes. All around the globe her florals, cats, dogs, and farm animals such as cows, which are the favorite of people can be found. Patty shared with me that she has been painting actively for 20 years (actively to Patty means almost daily). Painting is an outlet for her creativity away from her day to day job as an owner and creative at Spot. Patty has such a zeal for life even after a career in the graphic arts industry, it can be seen in every painting in her brownstone studio in St. Paul, MN. Her love for art is apparent in the paintings that surrounded us as I created the image of her. She also encourages others to push themselves to create and share their work on a daily basis. When the end of our time together was coming to a close I asked Patty if there was anything she wanted to share, she said, “If you are drawn to art give yourself permission to create.” May a zeal to create push each of us to make this world a better place one painting, one sculpture, one photograph, one amazing creative work at a time!

Patty’s artist website can be found at:

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