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American Faces #52

American Faces No. 52

As I have created each story in the American Faces series I find myself humbled by having the opportunity to briefly share my fellow humans' stories. Melinda Taylor’s story has left me in awe, and even more humbled. This woman has endured so much pain and the hurting and battered souls that are in every single one of our communities. The stories of her past would take your breath away, but that past prepared her to lead many others on a road to greater hope and healing. Women, men and children who have been hurt by the brutal hands and words of another have been led by Melinda to an exodus that returned wholeness and hope for their future. Melinda’s own exodus was started by others years ago at Berean Baptist Church in Minneapolis. The love of others and the love of Christ helped Melinda on a path to a safe place that she could begin to rebuild her life. The path was not easy, but it created a resolve in this woman that has touched so many.

I asked her what she would say to another person who is in a relationship that is physically and emotionally abusive. She said; “You can get out and there is hope. No matter where you are at”.

As I end Melinda’s story, I want each of you to know there is hope, that your past is behind you and the future is yours to behold. Live for the tomorrows!

If you are in a dangerous place and need help here is Melinda’s info:

Melinda Taylor


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