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American Faces #56 - Swing batter, batter swing

American Faces No. 56

Peter Kruse is one of those people you’d call a “maker.” And a successful young entrepreneur. His current enterprise, Delano Bats, began on the baseball field at Delano High School, where Peter decided he wanted to make his own bat. Peter – just a 9th grader at the time – got a lathe and started experimenting. He sold his first hand-turned maple wood bat that next summer.

Seven years later, through Delano Bats Peter makes and sells five different wood bat models online to customers throughout the country, and his small home-town manufacturing operation includes a CNC router system and finishing shop, in addition to those original wood lathes. Already experienced in the demands of business, and what it takes to produce and deliver a high-quality product, Peter continues to carve his own path to success, studying manufacturing engineering at Saint Cloud State University as he experiments with new designs and materials, looking for ways to improve his product. When we asked what’s next, Peter told us he’s developed a prototype (patent pending) for a lighter, harder-hitting wood bat. With a passion for craftsmanship, and a head for business, Peter’s well on his way to a home-run career.

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