About Nielsen Studios

We know you want creative content that's visually captivating and moves people. At Nielsen Studios we're about ideas – your ideas, and collaborating with you to find creative and compelling ways to tell your unique brand story. And with 20+ years serving discerning and creative clients, we know what it takes to create real, authentic and conceptually powerful images that deliver a message. That process often takes us outside the typical "just tell me what to shoot" relationship with our clients, results in powerfully captivating images, and always delivers value. 
Give us a call. Let us help your ideas find their full creative expression, so your brand story can really sing. 

Shawn Nielsen 

I've honed my craft over 30+ years in the business. Photography is my passion and my true creative outlet. 

On a personal level, I'm just a regular down-to-earth, easy going, dry-humored, creative guy working hard to carve out my own place in a fun and challenging marketing world. Outside my studio door, I like music, road biking, bow hunting, and playing with my kids. I enjoy getting together with clients and friends over coffee, or better yet, a good grilled burger.


I've probably said too much already. After all, I'm a visual guy.


I invite you to take a look at the Nielsen portfolio and let the images do the talking. Then give me a call. I'd love to hear your story and visit about how we can bring your ideas to life.

The Nielsen studio is a short distance West of Minneapolis, MN, on a hobby farm with goats, a dog and a few cats.  Stop on by. There's an open invitation and a cup of coffee ready for you!

I also have a passion for all things agricultural and have a partnership with Scott Whitman in a business named AgriLife Studios that provides exceptional, relevant digital content for the agriculture and rural lifestyle market.

Ph. 612.750.2593

Scott Whitman

I've always been fascinated by visual media – illustration, design, photography, video – and how we can use media to tell a story and move people. 


Through 20+ years in education, marketing, public relations and media production, I've studied the art and science of communications, and learned a lot along the way about producing compelling messages.


My role at Nielsen Studios is to help you discover image and media solutions that will help you better tell your unique story. Whether it's through scripting, storyboarding, production planning or creative writing, I want to help you imagine, capture and tell a story that connects with people, and moves them.

I was raised in the great state of Wyoming (I still have a little of that mountain, outdoorsy cowboy type in me), but for nearly 20 years have called Minnesota home, and have traded my boots (mostly) for snowshoes and a fishing hat. I work from my home in Dayton, MN, where I ride herd daily on two great kids and enjoy sharing life with Teri, my wife and partner of 25 years.

Ph. 612.240.6979

Shawn and Scott also own AgriLife Studios which is a nationally recognized agriculturally focused digital media content provider.

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