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American Faces #32

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I was introduced to Jeff S. by Randy Hatanpa, who served as art director for me on this shoot (I also featured Randy in my previous AF post). Randy’s a longtime client who’s called on Jeff numerous times to create artistic masterpieces for his own collection.

Jeff is an artist whose creativity is not expressed in the more traditional confines of drawing, pottery or any other artistic medium that automatically comes to your mind. He creates his nearly magical art through the medium of taxidermy. Jeff has an incredible ability to make deer, elk or any number of other animals look so alive they seem they could come right off the wall or walk from their pedestal. He sculpts the underlying foam models to bring out details even the hunter, angler or wildlife enthusiast may not have noticed. The intricate detail of his work is stunning, from the texture of a nose, to the color of the eyes. The lifelike similarities across all of Jeff’s work can make you feel like you’re in a room where the animals are ready to roam the halls. I know some people reading this may not necessarily appreciate or approve of taxidermy or hunting. If that’s you, I encourage you to look past that for a moment, notice the beautiful details in those mounts and appreciate the talent of an artist.

Next up: Watch for my next American Faces profile, a “sequel” to this post, featuring one of Jeff’s hunter clients.

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