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American Faces #33

Meet Dave, a long-time art teacher, who since his retirement has traveled and hunted all over the world. This American Faces (#33) is actually the sequel to #32 featuring taxidermy artist, Jeff S. Dave first met Jeff when he hired him for his taxidermy skills, and they quickly formed a friendship through their mutual enjoyment of the outdoors and hunting. But it was their shared backgrounds and passion for art that created a true connection between these two guys. During our time together, Dave expressed his appreciation and respect for Jeff’s abilities to create a life-like feel in the mounts that adorn the walls of his home in Minnesota.

Now, I know a picture of dead things on a wall, or even the hunter who took them, may not be appreciated by everyone. But I can say these are two great guys, and I know the places they hunt, and the remote communities to where they often travel, are positively impacted by them and other hunters like them. Tribes and local people groups receive the meat and hides, the local guides are well paid, and money for licenses is used to support wildlife conservation and habitat improvement.

To Dave and Jeff, I say “thank you” for being such willing subjects for these American Faces portraits, and for taking time to share some stories of your epic wildlife adventures!

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