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American Faces #46

American Faces No. 46

With the current state of things, the subjects of my next two American Faces will be my youngest daughter and my only son.

I suppose you could say this American Faces is sixteen years in the making. My daughter Bethany is a talented vocalist and an incredibly natural musician. She has felt music deep in her soul since she was a baby. Music is truly her happy place. As she said, “It gives me a sense of freedom from the thoughts that are in my brain.” She added, “Music is a way that I can freely express myself." That expression is heard in the sunny stairwell of our home, through the heat ducts of our old farmhouse, or just about any place that doesn’t have sound restrictions. It’s like having a free concert nearly everyday.

It seemed relevant for today to ask her about her dreams. Bethany shared, she wants to have many adventures, travel, try new things, and own a coffee shop. She told me her coffee shop would have an open mic all the time. How apropos that seems, for this young woman who cannot help but sing even in the hardest of times.

As our time in the studio ended, I asked her to say something to the next who walks on a similar path. She shared this, “Fields of wildflowers always come back and bloom. No matter what they go through they keep coming back. No matter what you go through it’s shaping you into someone stronger."

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