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American Faces #47

When I think about my son Isaac, I think of enthusiasm, I think of passionate-drive, I think of compassion for others, and I think of a love of adventure in the outdoors. Isaac is a hard working, ardent-about-life kind of guy. As he looks toward his future, he hopes to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2650 mile trek from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, and then he hopes to have a family and a career in law enforcement. When I asked him why he was interested in law enforcement, he said, “To serve and protect and also because my Papa Nielsen served as a patrolman and detective in Plymouth, MN.”

I watched Isaac serve his Papa Nielsen in the hours before his death. Isaac stayed by his papa’s side holding his hand as he breathed his last breath. He served his Papa well, and that is the way Isaac wants to serve others. Isaac’s heart to serve comes from his dedication to the freedoms we have been given and his desire to protect those around him.

When I asked Isaac what he wanted to share with others he said, “ Do what you need to do to live without regret.”

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