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American Faces #48

American Faces #48

Covid19 has caused so much upheaval in this world, maybe even to an unquantifiable amount for some people. My daughter Abigail's life and her senior year of college were not spared. Classes were suspended, musicals came to a halt, choir tour to Italy cancelled, commencement postponed until who-knows-when, and time spent with friends in the confines of her North Central University campus instantly ceased. I could see the tears of heartache for what she lost. Abigail however, had been cherishing every concert, every play acted out on stage by her and her fellow students, and each class as though it were her last. Through tears, she shared a profound quote from the show The Office, “Don’t you wish you knew you were living in the good ol’ days before the good ole days were over?” This twenty something daughter of mine was intentionally living-out that quote without knowing that the good ol’ days were abruptly coming to an end.

But in most stories of heartache there is also a story of redemption.

So, here's the redemption part of the story. My wife and I received a call from Abigail’s husband Landon asking if they could use the loft area of my studio as an apartment to ride out the shelter in place order instead of staying sequestered in their apartment in Minneapolis. Landon knew that being within the confines of an apartment in the city would not be good for her head and her heart. He knew that her childhood home with its

country living and herd of goats would be just the answer to help her endure these strange times. Abigail has always had a soft spot for the goats, especially the new kids that make spring so enjoyable.

Those little fuzzy babies gave her new life to play with, she might say they were salve for her heart that ached for all she has lost. In the midst of the fallout from Covid19, we have been given time to share meals, campfires, laughs, tears, hard work, and to just be family.

Life being put on hold has given way to deeper relationships as a family. There have been blessings beyond measure here at the Nielsen homestead.

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