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American Faces #49

American Faces No. 49

Scott Whitman is my friend, business partner in AgriLife Studios and now, the subject for American Faces #49. He’s an amazingly talented guy, from singer/performer to script writer, to photographer and sketch artist, to producer. He’s also a husband, and the father of two great kids. He’s called Minnesota home for more than 20 years, but began his journey in Texas and Wyoming, and made stops in the states of Missouri and Indiana along the way. I think this multifaceted guy has creativity woven into his very DNA. However, like most creatives, Scott says he’s been humbled by the talent of the collaborators he’s been blessed to work with through his career. Through his work on teams at Purdue University, Colle McVoy, in various creative collectives, and through his own business enterprises, he’s developed a humble, unassuming attitude and has learned to help his clients and creative teams find that sometimes elusive (but glorious!) balance where business goals and great creative ideas come together.

Scott is well-seasoned in the Agri-business communication world (a nice way of saying he’s over 50), but knows there is infinite room for growth to become an even better storyteller. He thrives on the collaboration process, as well as the comradery. He has an incredible heart for his fellow man. His heart for impacting people can be seen in his approach to his work, as well as in his personal life and what he does for his community through his church, NorthRidge Fellowship. He says he wants to live a life and leave a legacy “of eternal impact.”

When I asked Scott how he would encourage the next guy or gal like him, he responded by saying, “Don’t put boundaries on yourself. Don’t stop creating, don’t stop learning and exploring. Try things that push you, and don’t worry about failure. You never know what you are capable of until you try. You should also surround yourself with talented people who you respect, and be humble and ready to learn from someone else.”

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