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American Faces #50

American Faces - No. 50

This American Faces is a big one. It is #50. Maybe because it is symbolic for 50 states, or maybe halfway to 100. I think more than that it is about a guy named Gerrit Van Bergen. I have known him since he was six because he is my wife’s youngest brother. I have watched this kid, who I swear was born with hockey skates on his feet, grow into an amazing husband and father, great high school hockey coach, and an all around excellent guy. This man with wavy hair (dubbed Dr. McDreamy by those viewing the Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team broadcast) and a captivating smile has a heart of gold for people. Gerrit was born in Rockford, MN a small town about 30 miles west of Minneapolis, MN. There is a lot of small town heart in this man with a big world vision for hockey in Delano, MN. The passion he has for bringing out the best in those around him is infectious. When he spoke about the players on his team you would think he was talking about his own kids. Gerrit is so proud of how his players work as a team and not just as individuals. He is just as excited for the contributions of the team managers as he is for his high scoring players. His players, I believe, catch that vision and as a team, from the coaches to the players, approach each game with everything they’ve got. Hockey is a year-round passion for Gerrit; he has many integral roles including founder of Tiger Hockey STP hockey camp for hockey players of all ages from mites through high school. I guess when hockey runs in your blood you just can’t get enough. To check out all he does in bringing out the best in players go to his site:

I am proud to call this man my brother-in-law. He impacts the world by being a great husband, dad, coach, and teacher.

Way to mold dreams for future generations Gerrit Van Bergen!

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