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American Faces #54

There are people you come in contact with that you know have a way to make you feel at ease. Russ Morfitt is one of those guys. He is a licensed psychologist and Co-founder of Learn to Live. Russ’s demeanor makes you feel like you could share your deepest pains and fears with him. He has a passion for helping people get past anxiety and depression. He helps people work through areas of their lives where they are emotionally and mentally stuck. As he works through things with his clients, the treatments he uses are evidence-based…and specific to each person he cares for.

Russ’s path to being a licensed psychologist was not direct though. He first started as an engineer. Russ learned during his time as an engineer in California that he had a passion for helping people navigate the planning of their lives and found joy in problem solving with others. This led Russ to start classes in California for psychology and then finish his PhD in Minnesota at the U of M.

I asked Russ Morfitt why does helping people matter and he said; “It’s in my bones to care for people. It’s consistent with my faith to love others’. You can hear that people matter when you talk to Russ.

As we closed, I asked him what he would say to the next person going down the road to being a psychologist and he concluded by saying; “Psychology is not a way to get rich; it needs to be a labor of love to help others. But it might be an investment of time and energy that matters in the lives of others”

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