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American Faces #55

I think we could all use a little hope right now. Al Sannerud is just the man who helps do that. His property in Ham Lake is where hundreds of bikes are rescued and worked on by a multitude of people who call themselves Bikes 4 Kids. The sea of bikes is awe inspiring but more than that are the hearts of Al and the people at Bikes 4 Kids. Bikes are donated to Bikes 4 Kids through various means, then mechanics ensure safety and working order, and finally the bikes find a new home with a child or adult in need. I found my way to Bikes 4 Kids when my church was invited to help pick up and then distribute 60+ bikes to local residents through Dayton Mobile Hope.

But this story is not about me or the church I attend. It is about a 96 year old man who is so proud and so excited to see these bikes going to kids, families, and people in countries all around the world. Al has a passion for people that shows when he talks about the bikes and how the organization has grown on his property. He drove me around on his golf cart with a smile on his face as he spoke of the joy of giving bikes to their new riders. His smile and love for his fellow human seems to be in each word he speaks as he describes what happens in each area where Bikes 4 Kids is headquartered.

While I know this is a long way from what is going on in Minneapolis, this organization can be a way to bring joy to the hurting and help provide a means of transportation to those who need it. I encourage each of you to figure out how you can donate or maybe even partner up to help bikes get distributed. You may just change a life!

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