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American Faces #57 - The Craftsmen

Sometimes in life you have an opportunity to take a step back in time – a time when craftsmanship, quality products, quality people and a handshake really meant something. Recently, that opportunity was mine when I met the Timms, a family that owns a sawmill in Maple Plain, MN. The Timms welcomed me in like a longtime friend, and happily shared stories of how they create finishing touches in custom homes through wood-crafted pieces and structures they build themselves.

At the Timms’ mill, logs and lumber are stacked all around, surrounded by wonderful piles of sawdust (man glitter, if you will). The Timms’ knowledge of sawmilling goes three generations deep. They truly understand wood. They can actually “read” the wood, and know how to coax the most yield and quality out of each log and timber. It’s an amazing thing to see. And the Timms do it every day. These guys are amazing craftsmen, and have a work ethic like sawyers of yesteryear. I’m so glad I had a chance to step back in time to meet these men and to share a little of their story.

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