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American Faces #58 - The Difference Maker

I’ve known Rose W. for a handful of years. I've seen her and husband, Mitch, help in many different ways at NorthRidge Fellowship over the years. Recently, I saw Rose take a very active role in helping with recent food distributions in Minneapolis and also at a local trailer home park. It was the latter location where I saw her making profound impacts in the lives of others. Rose is bi-lingual, with Spanish as her second language. You could even say it’s her first language. Rose spent her formative years on the West coast and in Mexico. Her multi-cultural upbringing has given her a wonderful gift for communicating with our Hispanic neighbors. Rose has an engaging smile and a warm heart. Her personal journey, while not easy, has developed in her a genuine compassion that is making a profound impact on the people she serves. Rose has a favorite bible verse that she says she tries to live by:

You are amazing, Rose! May each of us follow your example, by making a difference in the lives around us.

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