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American Faces #75 - The adventurous Stone

I firmly believe if you were to look up the word adventure, there would be a picture of Grand Marais, MN. This town is hemmed in by Lake Superior and the vast forested lands of the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. You might say it is a perfect spot to test what your outdoorsy self is made of. That is what drew Jack Stone of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply to open an outdoor gear store stocked with high quality products, offering guided tours, as well as sound outdoor advice. As my wife and I sat with Jack during the interview for American Faces #75, I heard a man fondly recall the adventures with family that went all the way back to his childhood. In Jack’s seven decades, adventure has always been a part of his life in one way or another. I saw his eyes light up as he spoke of walks in the vast wilderness of Minnesota as well as heard him chuckle when he spoke of flipping a kayak or two over the years. I heard him speak with passion about the employees and their work as they help provide outdoor gear and opportunities to people who come into the beautifully built and spacious store.

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The focus Jack has for customer service shows in the products he picks, and really surfaces in how knowledgeable he and his staff are. Jack often takes time to help customers with questions on where to find adventure or maybe an item they left behind that could provide a much appreciated creature comfort.

As I close this American Faces installment I guess what most impressed me about Jack is the resolve of this man, the passion for adventure in a man who has lived 70+ years, and a heart for the community of Grand Marais, MN in which his store is perfectly nestled. May we look less forward to retirement and more forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

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