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American Faces #80 - A bit larger than life!

Sometimes people seem a bit larger than life. Harriet Quarles stands a hair over 5 ft tall, with a personality as big as the North Shore she travels. She’s known for her robust stories (not always rated G) of her many adventures across the United States. Harriet’s storied life reflects a hearty love for the open road she happily shares with the back-country hikers she shuttles along the Superior Hiking Trail north of Silver Bay, Minnesota. Driving may be her occupation, but Harriet considers herself first an entertainer, delivering each tale with infectious joy and dramatic flair. Her 15 passenger van is often filled with muddy, smelly, bug-bitten hikers, exhausted from testing themselves on the relentless landscape shouldering Minnesota’s side of Lake Superior. She takes on all types, and welcomes all travelers on even terms. A time-weathered sign clipped on the visor declares to all passengers Harriet’s Rules, which she jokingly (I think!) enforces wielding a ball-peen hammer:

4 - Puking = Death

1 - No Open Containers

2 - No Sex in the van

3 - No Pot Smoking

-Continued Below-

Experience true adventure: take on the challenge and stunning natural wonder of the Superior Hiking Trail, and ride with Harriet, the entertaining sage and larger-than-life North Shore legend. You wont regret it.

Cascade River Birch

The photo above was taken near the Cascade River while hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail near Cascade River State Park.

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