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American Faces #97 - A bit of teamwork!

This is the story of Tim Shore, founder of Shore Boards, but maybe it’s also a story about Caleb Gregg of Gregg Media. You see, Tim is the master craftsman known for creating paddle boards and longboards for his company called Shore Boards. Caleb is the masterful videographer who applied his amazing ability in creating video content to help tell Tim’s story. I felt blessed to be on set with these two guys creating the first edited video version of American Faces. It was a blessing to hear how a man started a business with the support of his family and to work alongside another content creator with a passion for the outdoor sports market. 

-Continued Below-

The quality in Tim’s boards, to me, seems second-to-none.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Caleb to capture quality footage of Tim sharing a short version of his story of how Shore Boards came to be as he cleaned a newly finished  board in his Ramsey, Minnesota, shop.


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 Take a few moments and watch the video. And if you’re into water sports, give serious consideration to taking your water experience to the next level and investing in one of Tim’s custom, hand-crafted custom boards.


And check out Caleb’s work. He’s a talented guy with a great heart. 


Finally, if you are thinking about starting something new, or helping someone in some way, just do it. You won’t regret your decision!

Photos and story by: Nielsen Studios 

Editing by: Scott Whitman

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