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American Faces #64 - Superior Gear

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Danny Warnock is a 37 year old entrepreneur who founded Superior Gear, a Minnesota based company that designs and produces ultra light camping hammocks, tarps and down quilts. These hand-crafted products are custom made to order, right in Minnesota, through their E-Commerce website.

Danny has had an unusual life. He grew up as a missionary kid in East Africa, and first began making a living as a musician (drums/keyboards). He worked as a private music instructor for most of his 20s. He then transitioned to software engineering and several years ago moved into entrepreneurship. Superior Gear was born out of Danny’s dissatisfaction with getting poor sleep on the ground in tents, and his frustration with other complicated hammock systems. He set out to design something more simple and effective by sewing insulation directly into the hammock to solve the dreaded ‘Cold Butt Syndrome’. He was making for himself the gear he wished he could buy, but didn’t yet exist. Danny’s endless tinkering and a child-like excitement to show others his creations eventually led to “accidentally starting a business” In 2017. Danny knew his young company needed a big boost to get on the map. So he created a Kickstarter campaign that raised $43,000 which allowed him to purchase the industrial sewing equipment and materials.

Danny is driven to create camping gear that is true to the Superior Gear tagline, ‘Simple, Cozy and Light.’ He has relentlessly pushed himself in product research, development and testing through millions of stitches and countless late nights. Superior Gear now employs several workers right here in Minnesota, providing superior care and attention to each piece of gear they ship.

While there are certainly cheaper hammock options out there, you simply won’t get the innovation, simplicity, quality and customer care that Danny and the team at Superior Gear strive to provide every day. Sourcing your new hammock from Superior Gear means supporting a home-grown Minnesota company, owned and managed by an awesome guy.

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