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The Studio

Our 1,800 square-foot studio was built in 2005, in a style reminiscent of a classic American farm "granary" building, located on the Nielsen family's rural farm.


Guests enjoy the 12' x 30' kitchen and office area as they first step inside the door. The studio features a spacious 24' x 30' shooting space that can accommodate everything from full-room sets to macro shots of micro subjects, like our local amphibians. The studio has windows to allow natural light sets, and a full compliment of strobes to create nearly any technical lighting scenario required.​ There is also room for a mean game of ping-pong after the work is all done.

Our storage space (12 'x 30') provides plenty of room for backgrounds, props and the extra equipment necessary to meet the varied needs of almost any studio shooting project. 


Nielsen Studios is open to renting the shooting space on a project-by-project basis as well. Please call us to discuss studio rental arrangements.

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