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American Faces #25 - Matt Schnell

American Faces -  #25

Matt Schnell is a multi-faceted creative guy – one of those rare types who seems to be a master at everything he does. He's equally talented in graphic design as well in producing custom-made works of art for interior spaces. His graphic design business is Schnell Designs and his other business is Red Barn Creations. Over the years I have been amazed at Matt's ability to make magic with complex digital graphic design then transition effortlessly to hand-building a custom office desk, or converting an old motorcycle into a work of art to be displayed in a Cowboy Jack's restaurant. He's a good guy, with a bit good ol' boy in him. That wrought-iron personality shines through in his designs and his handmade works of art, and as he greets you with a firm handshake and a "howdy!" I know I've become a better photographer when Matt and I are on set together, and I have also become a more well-rounded creative through Matt's relentless pursuit of top-level creative content. This photo shows Matt in his element: the Red Barn Creations Shop, where "man glitter" (sawdust) is made . Thank you, Matt, for being one of my American Faces. You are part of what makes the American story great – a talented guy who creates dang cool stuff!

Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen

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