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American Faces #28

The world we live in can seem like a pretty bleak place when we turn on the T.V. or read random reports on our news feeds. But our world is made a whole lot more bearable by men like Lonny Evans. Lonny is the Director of Volunteers and Outreach for Loaves and Fishes in Minnesota. His eyes light up as he talks of the impact Loaves and Fishes is making in the lives of people all over our state. There is a passion for people in each careful word he speaks. You can hear it. He knows people are not just numbers to be fed and cared for, but people like you and me who sometimes need a bit of help. As we walked around he introduced me to several volunteers – the folks who provide needed groceries and supplies to the people at each site that Loaves and Fishes serves. Lonny's smile, and his heart for people, make you feel welcome the instant you shake his hand.

Outside of work, Lonny serves as Director of Operations for the Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey (MWBH) program. He sees his role at Loaves and Fishes, and MWBH, as the C.E.O.O. – the Chief Encourager of Others and Opportunities.

May we all strive to be a C.E.O.O. like Lonny Evans and make this world a better place.

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