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American Faces #35

I am often amazed at where the road of life leads each person. It’s never a straight line. It sometimes has straight-aways, but always throws you a few curves, hills, valleys. Andy’s life began in Korea where he was lovingly adopted by his parents Jeanne and Jim Schultz. Andy’s formative teen years were spent in his home in Plymouth, MN. It was at Vision of Glory Lutheran Church where he began to sense a calling to ministry, first as a worship band guitar player, then as an apprentice youth leader, and finally as a paid staff youth pastor. But the story doesn’t end there. As time marched on, Andy realized that being a youth pastor was not a permanent calling for him. For a time he stepped away from leadership in the local church. The next curve in the road for Andy was a paid position at Schmitt Music where he gave guitar lessons, and eventually managed a store in the Minneapolis Metro area. Throughout all the curves that Andy’s early life took, there remained a love for music – a love so apparent that if you were to see him singing and playing on any given Sunday at NorthRidge Fellowship, it would make you smile. Andy has had some amazing people in his life to encourage him: Connie in youth ministry, and Josh Skogerboe and Pastor Bob Halverson in worship and pastoral leadership. Shortly before Andy took his current role at NorthRidge Fellowship, Josh and Pastor Bob affirmed what Andy was feeling: a call to be a worship pastor and mentor of others. Andy’s been serving at NorthRidge for nearly a decade. He plays, sings and leads the church with passion and intention. His heartfelt words and approachability makes everyone feel welcome. The road of life is never easy, but the journey is always interesting, and always more rewarding when we take it together. I know I’m very thankful for the part of the journey I’ve shared with Andy. Take time to get to know others around you, and walk a little ways down the road of life together. You may just make friends with a fellow human who’s Korean by birth, with the last name of Schultz. Think on that!

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