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American Faces #53

American Faces No. 53

Scott Regan is one of the most talented creatives I have ever met. He’s a cinematographer with an extraordinary ability to weave a story together with the deft use of video. His infectious smile and engaging personality make you feel welcome on set even, if you’re a still photographer;-). It was Scott’s welcoming demeanor that blew me away a handful of years ago. I was on a shoot for 3M Safety doing still photography for Spot Communications while Scott was creating video content. Scott Regan’s storytelling mixes heartfelt, breathtaking compositions – with his hand-held camera on the ground, and from the height of his expertly piloted drone (he’s a licensed drone operator). This guy is comfortable on just about any set, whether it’s his compassionate interactions with a home healthcare organization client, or it’s kicking through pastures with a dairy farmer in Missouri with my other company, AgriLife Studios, co-owned with Scott Whitman.

Scott Regan’s ability to adapt to just about any situation is captivating to watch, and it’s been a blessing to have him as part of the team when projects need a multi-media content approach. Scott Regan has driven me to become a better photographer. I am a blessed man to have met him, and to have the opportunity to work alongside such a great creative storyteller!

Check out this link to see work we have done together:

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