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Serve #34 - Cathy W.

Serve #34

The backstory for this Serve begins in November, 2018 when I first met Cathy. I had approached her as the representative of Mobile Hope Dayton. Meeting with Cathy and a handful of other women who are residents of the mobile home park in Dayton, Minnesota, we discussed offering portrait sessions for the great residents of the trailer park. I saw upon first meeting with Cathy that the heart of a servant was evident as she spoke of her love for the people of the park and her opportunity to serve them. She helps with homework, personal issues, and getting resources of various kinds to the people who need it. Sometimes I saw a tear fall as she talked of the opportunity to be there for others as needed and how privileged she felt to be able to be a part of the residents' lives on a regular basis. Cathy, while she maybe would not say it of herself, is what I would call a “Jesus with Skin on”. Cathy told me she serving because of the song, "Here I am Lord" and to reach out to people. She is helping change lives on a regular basis. It's amazing to see. It's a real love for people that transcends what our human minds can understand.

I am a blessed man to have had the opportunity to serve alongside this woman and the organization she is a part of.

There are regular people like Cathy, like you and like me making an incredible impact in the communities all around us. Get out there and serve, you will change a life!

Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen

Mobile. 612.750.2593

Studio. 763.498.7375


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