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Serve #35 - Sergeant Tim L.

Serve #35

There are some people you can just tell were made to serve and protect others. Sergeant Tim L. is one of those people. With his football player-sized frame, calm demeanor and warm smile, Sergeant Tim creates an atmosphere of peace whenever you're around him. You just feel protected in his sphere. But this isn’t just about Tim being a good guy, or even a cop. It’s about a man who believes in making a difference. Tim's also a coach for the North Community High School Polars football team in North Minneapolis, where he coaches both the offensive and defensive lines of this highly successful football program. Along with his big frame, Tim has a big heart for positively impacting those around him. It's obvious as he talks about how much he cares for the boys on the football team. He knows being a positive role model for his players can influence them for years to come. When asked about his own influences, Tim spoke of men like his dad, his own high school and college football coaches, and many others who encouraged and helped form the man he is today. During our ride-along, Tim's great big heart for people shined even brighter as he talked about the unsheltered people of our Metro Area. He serves with the Homeless Action Team that helps people find housing and work towards a more secure future for themselves. His passion for serving was genuine and contagious. I could see it, and I could hear it in every word he spoke. I could see why he was recently recognized as Officer of the Year.

Sergeant Lawrence thank you for making the world a safer place, but more than that, thank you for making it a better place by being who you are – on the job, and on the field of life. Thanks again for letting me ride along.

Story edited by Scott Whitman

Best wishes,

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