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Serve #36 - Olman E.

Serve No. 36

Pastor Olman Estrada has been a pastor in San Jerónimo Honduras for 18 years. He faithfully and passionately serves his community with his whole heart.    You see the love for people in his smile and you hear it in the compassionate tone of his voice.  He is a man who lives to love God, his wife and his children every day.  He is also a man who loves serving his community.  I asked him why it is so important to serve his community and he said, “Because I think we should make a difference by helping people.”  Pastor Olman went on to say; “May they know God by listening. to His word on my lips as I serve." He sees his service to the community as a pastor as a high privilege from God. As we closed I asked Pastor Olman how long he will serve.  He said;  "I will serve God and his people until I breathe my last on this earth” I am so often in awe when I hear people's answer to a question like how long will you serve.  An answer like Olman’s often causes me to dig deep into who I am and ask myself;  "What can I do to help humanity?" May we all be challenged to help change the lives of those around us by serving.

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Shawn Nielsen

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